GREEDY BOY by Kim Young Ha

I am really interested in human nature and how people react to problems.
Sometimes, unexpected things happen and one may have to take an
unexpected step to deal with the situation. Greedy Boy explores
behaviour that I think everyone is capable of and what happens if we
can’t control it.

Production images

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16 thoughts on “GREEDY BOY by Kim Young Ha

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  2. […] from the website: Greedy Boy explores behaviour that I think everyone is capable of and what happens if we can’t […]

  3. oli says:

    Great animation and Story, very full metalesque, good luck on other projects

  4. Harry says:

    Hello, Man.. nice job.. a question, what programm used for this animation??
    I am from Peru and like the animation..

    • todayatnine says:

      Thanks Harry..

      I used photoshop, flash and after effects for this animation..

      • Harry says:

        Hi, todayatnine.. .other question.. do you use first photshop to paint your draws? after flash to movement and after effects to effects?? 🙂 excuse me, in my little city there are not animation’s institute..

      • todayatnine says:

        hi Harry.. i drew the background on paper first, then scanned and colored it in photoshop. I animated all the character movement frame by frame in flash then put all together in after effects for composition and effects..i hope that helps..there are so many good tutorials in the web so i think you can create great works without going to uni.. 🙂

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  7. rednivog50 says:

    Hi todayatnine…

    How long did it take you from original concept stages to final production?
    time spent coming up with the correct look n feel
    time spent on characters appearance
    time spent on animating
    time spent on editing

    thank you

    • todayatnine says:


      we did all the pre production stages in one semester here in RMIT and another semester for the production..
      but i struggle with the story and keep changing and make it more simple..
      to came up with the final look took me about 2 weeks production time..if you look at the second picture it was one of the background and style development..
      the character appearance actually came up really fast..i already had the main point in my mind for the character so i just apply it to the drawing..
      animated it in 3 months i think..
      one week of editing..


  8. Dear Kim Young Ha,

    First and foremost, allow me to congratulate you on creating Greedy Boy. It is a beautifully visceral and meaningful piece of art. As I was trolling the internet through page after page of short films with big explosions but little to no meaning, I stumbled upon your video on and was stunned.

    My name is Augie Restivo and I am currently half way through the Sound Design for Visual Media course at Vancouver Film School, Canada. I’ve been making music for about 10 years now, creating techno and ambient content for my own CDs as well as theatrical productions and a few small budget video games. I chose to go to Vancouver Film School because it was recommended to me unanimously by professional sound designers in the video game and movie industry.

    As a sound design student at VFS, I’ve been tasked with finding an animation online for which I would like to provide the sound as a final project.
    I had three simple requirements whilst searching for a suitable animation:
    A. It must have good sound design opportunities, and Greedy Boy certainly does. I’ve already have been thinking of many audio ideas to implement for your movie
    B. It must have a deep meaning. The idea of selfishness is presented in a very dark yet comedic way, which is very engaging for me
    C. It must have a distinct artistic style to stand out, and it stands very tall

    I presented your video to the Sound Design Program Head at VFS, Bob Greive (the lead Sound Designer on Wyatt Earp, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and Zoolander among other Hollywood movies) and he agreed that it would be a very good choice for a final project, with excellent audio opportunities. He, and other professional sound designers , such as Craig Berkey who provides the sound design for some of the Coen Brothers films) who work in a number of post production as well as mixing studios in Vancouver, will be guiding me throughout the creative process of my sound design. I hate to name drop, but their creative and practical perspectives are very valuable. They will give me tips and advice about appropriate editing and mixing choices.
    I would like to provide Greedy Boy with every facet of audio: dialogue, music, sound effects, special effects, backgrounds and Foley. At school, I have access to top of the range audio equipment including portable recorders and shotgun microphones, a 5.1 surround sound mixing stage, a Hollywood Sound Library, Foley and ADR rooms and amazing synthesizers like Absynth, Omnisphere and a Kyma system.

    A very important note: NO MONEY WILL BE MADE FROM MY SOUND DESIGN. This project is purely an opportunity for me to expand my artistic portfolio. It’s very important that you understand this.

    I am a determined and conscientious student and will give 110% of my imagination, talent and energy to provide your film with a quality of sound design equal to its visual and artistic design. Here’s a link to the sound design website at Vancouver Film School. To get a quick overview of the course, you can actually watch the film on with Bob Greive explaining about the sound program. If you agree to my working on your animation, it would be shown on the VFS Youtube channel which you and Greedy Boy may benefit from the additional exposure. Of course, a completed version would also be sent to you.

    Since arriving at VFS in June 2009, my time has been completely consumed by the course. I’ve already done the sound for two short movies, three video games and am in the process of creating that much more content.

    If you are interested in my proposal, I would very much like to hear back from you. I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about this potential project or VFS.

    Thank you very much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you soon. My email address is and my school email is

    With kind regards,


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  10. code geass says:

    Fantastic animation, great job dude and good luck with you future projects.

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