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With Thoughts – Art Vs Science

Well this is exciting..

I’ve been involved in the production of a music video for Art Vs Science directed by Peter Lowey and its now online!! Here have a look.

Peter Lowey is an animator based in Melbourne. He did Sidewalk Scribble and won the Annecy You Tube award, 2011.

It was really great working with him and Glenn Hatton in this project.

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My online portfolio is up. Let me know what do you think about it.

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A Fable for the Living – single sentence animation

Havent updated this blog for a long time.

Been busy after came back to Melbourne..

Im doing a farm job at the moment to get more time to stay in Australia..

Interesting experience and lots of nice people here..

anyway.. an update from me is Electric Literature publish my single sentence animation based on Kevin Brockmeier’s “A Fable for the Living”..

Its a really nice story and you can get the book and more information on their website

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Manusia Hina by Fingerprint

Fingerprint is a Hardcore band from Medan, Indonesia. They asked me to direct one of their song called Manusia Hina. The song was written during the Indonesian election time so its a really political song.

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New Project

My new project with a very tight deadline..

Wish me luck..

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GREEDY BOY by Kim Young Ha

I am really interested in human nature and how people react to problems.
Sometimes, unexpected things happen and one may have to take an
unexpected step to deal with the situation. Greedy Boy explores
behaviour that I think everyone is capable of and what happens if we
can’t control it.

Production images

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Working Title Exhibition

Come to our graduate exhibition to see some wonderful works from my class. You’ll be surprise to see what a student can do.

Go to the website to find out more about us and the event.

Here are some stills from my works :

I’ll upload the full movie and some production images later..

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Greedy Boy


Greedy Boy.

Coming soon next semester.

If i dont get kicked out from RMIT.

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I did this for my final year in Malaysia.

Music by Bjork and Massive Attack.


Hi all,

I decided to start a blog to push my creativity.

This is my first post and its my showreel.

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