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A Fable for the Living – single sentence animation

Havent updated this blog for a long time.

Been busy after came back to Melbourne..

Im doing a farm job at the moment to get more time to stay in Australia..

Interesting experience and lots of nice people here..

anyway.. an update from me is Electric Literature publish my single sentence animation based on Kevin Brockmeier’s “A Fable for the Living”..

Its a really nice story and you can get the book and more information on their website electricliterature.com..

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Hairdresser On Fire – Live from Morgue Ep.


Battle Start !!


Tempayan Meradang


Hairdresser On Fire is one of Medan’s finest band ¬†and I am lucky to get involved in their musical journey. They asked me to do the artworks for their debut EP called Live From Morgue. Feel free to download it at http://livefrommorgue.tumblr.com/ or check their profile at http://www.myspace.com/wearehairdresser .

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Side Effect

Side Effect.

Acrylic and pen on brown paper.

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Working Title Exhibition

Come to our graduate exhibition to see some wonderful works from my class. You’ll be surprise to see what a student can do.

Go to the website to find out more about us and the event.

Here are some stills from my works :

I’ll upload the full movie and some production images later..

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It’s (not) been lovely..


….knowing you..

It turns out that we have to go separate ways..

I (really dont) hope to see you again..


this thing had stuck in my foot for almost 3 weeks and i just got it out this morning..Its a 1,75cm broken sewing needle..damn..

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For Semi Permanent book 2009.

I hope it’ll get selected.

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